Reflux symptoms after sleeve-gastrectomy

Reflux after bariatric surgery

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is becoming the most popular and recommended bariatric surgery, however it can result in new reflux symptoms or worsen symptoms that you already have before the procedure.

These reflux symptoms are normally treated by changing lifestyle habits and medications called proton pump inhibitors (PPI), and may improve as you lose weight. However, if your reflux worsens, you may consider an anti-reflux procedure such as EndoStim therapy or gastric bypass.

EndoStim therapy allows you to treat your GERD while keeping your sleeve intact with minimal side effects. Gastric bypass is a more invasive weight loss surgery where the esophagus and upper stomach are disconnected from the majority of the stomach and reconnected to the mid-intestine.

If you suffer from reflux before or after a bariatric surgery, be sure to discuss your options with your doctor.

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